My Astrazeneca Vaccine Experience_Ada Nkong

I walked back to my office, sat on my sit and reminded myself of all the reasons why I shouldn’t take it. First there was the stories about adverse reactions, the end time conspiracy theory and then I had this fever that had been on and off making me feel not so well.

I quickly called a doctor friend and found out if I could take the vaccine with a fever and he said not to. Armed with this ,I walked back to where my colleagues were taking the shot and asked the person administering if it were okay to take it since I was ill. One look at my face and she said ” you look dehydrated and pale”. She asked me to quickly drink water and agreed with the doctor that this was not for me.


I go get a drink of water and come back to where it was being administered. Watching the fear and worry on some faces and the ladies panic, I told myself quietly that this was a challenge.

As if on cue, I felt the fever lessen and began to feel much better so I told the nurse to administer. She got on the phone and tried calling a couple of her superiors to confirm if I could take the vaccine. None of the calls went through. By this time, I was sure I would like to take the vaccine so I told her I was willing to take it.

Rolled up my sleeve, shut my eyes because I had always had a phobia for needles and waited for the pain to come. The next thing I heard was stand up. Wow. Just like that, I had taken the vaccine. The cotton wool on my arm was evidence that I indeed took the jab.

Its over four hours now and I don’t feel any reactions. Interestingly even the fever I had has vanished.


I write this because fear is the reason many will not take the vaccine. So far out of 40 colleagues vaccinated, no adverse reactions. Is it Uhuru yet? No.  What could go wrong? That is being pessimistic. I am just going to keep on believing that I am.going to be fine and happy that I have done the responsible thing to do to protect myself and others.

Vaccines like this are always controversial because not much is known about them. Somehow though, we can’t just sit back and hope we don’t catch the virus though there is a vaccine.

If you get a chance to, do take the jab. One more thing! If I start feeling otherwise, you will be the first to know because I will run right back and inform you all.

Looking forward to a covid free world!

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