World Meteorological Day 2021: NiMET Alerts Farmers on False Onset of Rainfall_Ada Nkong

Abuja:  As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to celebrate World Meteorological day,the DG NiMet Prof Mansur has warned farmers to comply with the advisories in the seasonal rainfall prediction issued by the agency in February.

In a press briefing to mark the day in Abuja, Prof Mansur said the rainfalls witnessed recently in the north central are a false onset adding that farmers should not rush to plant.

“The recent rainfall activities recorded over the central states as well as Kaduna, in the North-west between the12th to 20th March, 2021 is a false onset as captured accurately in the 2021 Seasonal Climate Prediction. The recorded rainfall is as a result of the forcing functions namely: Mid-latitude wave and the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) that led to the Northward pull of the inter-tropical discontinuity (ITD) and increased moisture into the country”.

“However, the earlier predicted onset of rains for the rest of the country remains valid, with the Central states witnessing the rains in late April to Mid-May while the Northern states would experience theirs in late May to June ending”.

The DG lamented that last year about 400 deaths were recorded due to weather related incidents which could have been averted if NiMet’s warnings were heeded.

Prof Mansur who is less than a week in office reiterated the agencies commitment to providing accurate and timely predictions.

In recognition of the importance and contribution of meteorology to various fields of life including aviation and agriculture, the 23rd of march every year is set aside to mark the world meteorological day globally.

At this years celebration with the theme ,the ocean,our climate and weather which was attended by stakeholders including the world meteorological organization, the Director General Nigeria meteorological agency NIMET Prof Mansur Matazu stressed the need to comply with the weather predictions issued by the agency.
The DG restated the agencies commitment to sensitizing Nigerians to know prevailing weather conditions so they can plan their activities irrespective of the field.

The event also featured a quiz competition between some secondary schools in the FCT.Natural sound
Government day secondary school Gwagwalada came first, government secondary school Gwagwalada came second and Anglican girls grammar school Gudu came third.

Professor Matazu outlined his policy thrust as improvement of airport operations,provision of per second service to marine industry,expansion of observation network and quality management system among others.

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