Pastor Calls for Release of Church Member Arrested During Lagos Police Raid After Leaving Church_Ada Nkong

The Pastor of Dominiom City Church ,Alapere Iketu in Lagos, Pastor Chinedum Ejeagbasi has called for the release of his church member Joseph George who was arrested during a police raid following a cult clash at Ketu Ikosi Lagos.

According to Pastor Ejeagbasi,Joseph George had been with him in the church till 8 pm and therefore could not have been part of the clashes.

Narrating what happened on his Facebook page, he said Joseph was arrested. In his place of work were he sleeps after the police broke his door and gained entrance.

“There was a cult clash on Tuesday at ketu ikosi Lagos.

The police started arresting people randomly,
The police started breaking people’s doors to arrest any boy they see inside the house.

Early Wednesday morning, the boys came out and were robbing and harassing people at the ketu ikosi bus stop along ikorodu road. The police came in to make arrest”.

“They came to #josephgeorge ‘s house, broke his door and arrested him. They were 2 boys in the room, they arrested Joseph and left the other guy (Agbola).
Now they are alleging that Joseph was arrested where he was fighting and that he committed murder and looted shops”.

According to the Pastor, the accused is a tailor earning and honest living whose character is no questionable.

“Joseph is a fashion designer, he was arrested in his place of work. I am his pastor for more than 6 years. I can vouch for him anytime anywhere. I can stand even in court to say this”.

“On the day that the crisis happened, I was with Joseph in church with about 6 other people. We were running a training that ended by 9pm and he stayed back with me till about 10pm b4 he went home only to be arrested or should I say kidnapped from his work place the next morning”

He said the police stations listed below are the stations that conducted the random arrest.Ogudu police station, Ketu police station and alapere police station.

He called on the police to release Joseph George who according to him is innocent.

One thought on “Pastor Calls for Release of Church Member Arrested During Lagos Police Raid After Leaving Church_Ada Nkong

  1. Joseph is innocent! We are ready to vouch for him. The Police, stop saying he was among those that killed the people that lost their lives in the clash. Joseph was not there. Joseph was in church at Alapere when the clash happened. Release Joseph George! He is innocent! I implore you to embrace the justice that has been imposed on you. #FREEJOSEPH GEORGE


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