International Women’s Day 2021: Choose to Challenge, A Victor’s Story_Ada Nkong

When I see what some women have to go through on a daily basis, I am filled with indignation. Not because everyone is going to be at the same level in life but because no one should have to be so intimate with suffering.

Less you think I speak from a position of advantage, I have lived up close with most forms of violence against women. I have been hushed, derided, deprived, assaulted, insulted and relegated to the background in my life but this year’s theme reminds me of the day I snapped and told myself never again!

One piece at a time, I picked up the threads and decided to reinvent me. The God factor was my biggest boom added to the positive voices of some good women , sisters and friends who kept reminding me that I could be more.

Fellow women, its never going to be easy starting from the scratch but at 30, I took that leap and 13 years down the line, it all seems like my down period happened a life time ago.

As we choose to challenge this year, reach inside you and find the strength to say no to subjugation, poverty, joblessness,domestic violence, gender discrimination.Choose to be happy, give yourself a break when you need to, take time out to enjoy the good things of life to the extent you can afford it.

Whatever you do in 2021 choose to challenge. Happy international women’s day.

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