Two Weeks in Lagos: The Story of the Town You Hate to Love_Ada Nkong

Lagos for many is a city that has an allure of its own. Never mind the disparity between the Island and the Mainland ,it is a unique experience, the Lagos life from whichever angle you view it.

If you have listened to Zlatan’s Lagos Anthem, you will know by now that everything, ‘E dey Lagos’. Two weeks in Lagos already sounds like a blend of everything chaotic in Lagos, with the sweet and bubbly life in the commercial capital. The writer dug into the movie, expecting a lot of drama (as is common in Lagos) and it did deliver.

The movie starts with two friends who come to Lagos from the ‘abroad’ (IJGB ALERT). Both of them are Venture Capitalists, looking to invest in business ventures and organizations as well. Ejikeme (Mawuli Gavor) and Charlie (Okey Uzoechi) and excited to conquer Lasgidi. From the first night in Lagos, Ejikeme becomes fond of Lola (Beverly Naya), Charlie’s sister. This fondness grows into full-blown love and they can barely help but cheese over each other.

Ejikeme’s parents are politicians. Fully entrenched in the culture of Naija politics, they do quite a lot of shady things. Ejikeme is secretive about his family, and this is the major reason for it. For a spot on the party ticket coming up in four years, Hon. and Mrs. Chukwuemeka (Patrick Nnamani & Joke Silva) plans to give their only son, in marriage to Otunba’s only daughter, Wande (Cassandra Nwadiuto). This stunt does not sit well with Ejikeme. He ignores them entirely and proposes to the love of his life, giving her a symbolic necklace (Of course, ‘LolaKeme’ for life).
Will love conquer Lagos or will Lagos conquer love?
Two weeks in Lagos sees appearances from A-Listers such as Jide Kosoko, Tina Mba, Toyin Abraham, Deyemi Okanlawon, Busola Davies and Yaw.
Innovative and compelling, this one will have you glued to the screen for the whole film. The viewer can easily see the characters and how in-tune they were with their roles even if the chemistry between the lovers looked off at times.
Two Weeks in Lagos is available in Cinemas nationwide. Grab your popcorns and enjoy!
Hopefully it gets on Netflix.


Story – Unoriginal story. Straight-to-the-point storytelling. Well done Kathryn Fasegha.
Setting – Set in Lagos. Struggled so much to depict the fast paced nature of the city and its ever filled roads.
Casting – Can’t say much about the casting. However, it was refreshing to see Ma Joke Silva as an antagonist.
Screenplay – No comment.
Music – A well-scored film. Good sound choices and no interruptions. A*
Wardrobe– For every 3 good wardrobe choices, there are 2 bad choices. C
Make-Up– When will you people hack how to beat Aunty Joke’s face? ehn?


Rating: PG

Genre: Romantic Drama

Directed By: Kathryn Fasegha

Produced By: Kathryn Fasegha, Sarah Inya Lawal

Written By: Kathryn Fasegha

In Cinema: January, 2021

Runtime: 1 hours 44 minutes

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