Expose Unethical Practices by Lecturers-Prof Angba

In a bid to ensure sanity and professionalism in the institution, the Vice Chancellor of Cross River University of Technology, Professor Augustine Angba, has called on students of the university to expose unethical practices allegedly perpetrated by some lecturers of the university.
In a facebook post by the head of Crutech media team, Mr Cornelius Ellah, the VC is said to have made this call while addressing year 3, 4 and 5 students of Calabar campus of the university, during the COVID-19 orientation programme.
According to Ellah Prof Angba said: “Students complain to me even when I was Acting Vice Chancellor. When I say ‘give me the name of the lecturer’, they say ‘Sir, I don’t want trouble.’ Jesus! So, you are patronizing the lecturer. How can you be protecting somebody who kills you? If you have any complain, nobody will do you anything. Just inbox the name of the lecturer to me. The lecturers who collect sorting are ignorant. Such lecturers are under a curse.”

He further stated that although names of alleged perpetrators of unethical practices are already on his table, the battle against victimization of students can only be won if affected students cooperate with him in fighting that battle.

The Vice Chancellor also reportedly enjoined students to be of good behavior at all times, adding that education without character is meaningless. In this vein, he stated that it is completely unreasonable for any student to destroy the university’s property at any time. He said: “Having stayed at home for ten months, my students should graduate and go. If any person tells you to look for trouble, tell the person that you want to graduate and go. Trouble is not good.”

Professor Angba further stated that he intends to improve on the image of CRUTECH by giving a positive outlook of the university. He invited students to cooperate with him in that regard, stating that “you are the future of this state and my vision for the state and country is to raise young men and women who are globally competitive.”

Speaking on COVID-19, the Vice Chancellor described the virus as “very real”. He implored students of the university to adhere to guidelines against the spread of the virus as recommended by relevant authorities, including the university’s Committee on COViD-19.

Ellah also reported Professor Emmanuel Uttah, Chairman of CRUTECH’s Committee on COVID-19 implored the students to be wary of a false sense of security about the virus. He said that a new and more deadly variant of the virus is currently afoot. According to him, ”COVID-19 is not written on anybody’s face. That is why you must listen to mitigation protocols and abide by them. Survival is a function of personal decision. If you decide well, you will survive and live well.”

According to Mr Cornelius Ellah, a similar orientation programme will take place in Obubra, Ogoja and Okuku campuses of the university, respectively.
It will also take place for year 1 and 2 students of all campuses of the university after they resume in February.

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