Association of Passenger Rights and Welfare Advocates Better Treatment of Passengers_Ada Nkong

In a bid to ensure the rights of passengers to access safe transport services as well as assistance in case of accidents are protected, the association for rights and welfare of passengers converged in Abuja for its fifth annual general meeting.

The AGM which was well attended by officials of the association for passenger rights from different states of the federation took off with the Board of Trustees chairman ,Engineer Tina Onojeghuo welcoming members to the event while stressing the urgency in ensuring that all passengers in vehicles are properly identified and can access medical attention when in an accident whether they have cash or not.

“It is the first of its kind in the world,
Passengers die in transit and are taken to the mortuary without proper identification . ARWPAN has come to provide identification to every road user in Nigeria to ensure they’re well identified to ensure proper identification”.

“In the events of accidents in Nigeria, passengers do not have rights so ARWPAN has come to stand as a voice for every passenger to ensure that passengers involved in accidents are getting proper care .

She called on Nigerians to always assist road users in need.

“ARWPAN encourages road users to give a helping hand to any passenger involved in an accident, secondly ARWPAN has come to ensure the lower denominations of the NAIRA doesn’t go out of circulation

According to her, the association would partner with the NMA to ensure treatment for victims of accidents.

” We will reach out to the president of medical doctors in Nigeria to let them know that ARWPAN is ready to pay for any medical treatment on any passenger involved in accidents in Nigeria , we also look foward to expanding to other countries in Africa.

The National vice chairman, Chief Solomon Kpomah speaking to journalists on the sideline of the event shed more light on the objectives of the association. According to him, the association would create over a million jobs as it spreads to every local government in Nigeria. He also said basic infrastructure like toilets and waiting areas with seats would be provided by the association.

In his good will message, the representative of the association from Burkina Faso set the agenda for the next two years for the association.

The association of rights and welfare of passengers in Nigeria has as part of its mandate to challenge,influence and improve passengers welfare in the the society

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