Armed Forces Remembrance day: Not Enough Ado_Ada Nkong

Today we remember, our fallen heroes, Nigeria remembers you,

We honor you, your courage we salute, Nigeria remembers you.

You gave your life for a truly just cause,

That Nigeria may be one, strong united sovereign state,

Nigeria remembers you.

Nowadays, you just wake up and its armed forces remembrance day. No heralding or at least not enough heralding but for emblems worn by a few.

Ironically, it is now that our heroes and those serving need to be spurred on more by the dignified remembrance leading up to the day.

The song above used to be on national TV at least one month before the actual date, that is why I remember so vividly the lyrics and the tune.

I have a very dear friend in the force , a brother and classmates too. I am struck with awe at their courage and resilience. It is not lost on me the huge sacrifices they are making to secure our territory.

Not that any amount of jingles will bring back our fallen heroes but I feel we should take a bit longer to eulogise them.

Today, wreaths were laid, speeches were made and parades were held. Between now and next year I pray we keep their memories alive in our hearts and pray for those they left behind.

To our fallen heroes, I salute you.

Nigeria remembers you!

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