Academic sessions in Nigeria have been disrupted on the heels of the Covid-19 pandemic that got the attention of the world since the early start of the year in 2020.
The handling of the Covid-19 pandemic by the Nigerian Government and even the citizenry in containing its spread is another matter of discourse.
The lockdown effected by government especially as it has to do with Academics of our children all through the arms of education was massive making most of our state and Federal tertiary institutions to lose a year of non-Academic activities for the students.
The Government did not even help matters with the cat and mouse game embarked upon with the Academic members of Staff of the various varsities in terms of Agreement and disagreements in terms of service.
Most of the private universities and other tiers and levels of education made up with this lockdown situation by resorting to proactively resort to online learning which made them join in the loss of academic sessions.
Now we are back to the same of the same issue in our academics over and again with the “second” wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and instead of ensuring that enforcement of the Covid-19 preventive protocols the government is resorting to postponement of Resumption again!
Even most state governments have seemingly, “proactively”, postpone resumption of Schools, indefinitely.
Why are we not always thinking outside the box to find solutions to our circumstantial challenges?
Granted it might not be safe to resume fully because of the “refusal” of the citizenry to adopt the Covid-19 preventive protocols. What then is the alternative? Are we going to have another six months of loss of academic year?
Is it not possible for the government to have embarked on ensuring that learning would not stop for the students by also enabling infrastructures for online learning after obviously resolving, sincerely, the issues with the Academic members of staff?
We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. We are invariably becoming “comfortable” with the seemingly comatose academic system with a lot of brouhaha!
That’s the way Genie sees it!

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