Aliko Dangote: A Season of Costly Passions?_Ephrem Cass

The Life and times of Aliko Dangote

When you hear the name “Aliko Dangote” you picture one of the richest black men on the continent, you picture wealth, you picture power and affluence.
You do not picture him lying down on a couch wrapped in a blanket that barely covers him properly beside a beautiful woman.

Bea Lewis an Atlanta based business woman took to Instagram to share her relationship experience with the business mogul stating that being around a billionaire opened her eyes to more opportunities and changed her perspective of the world.
Shortly after another American woman simply identified by Courtney and her Instagram handle Allarounda1 shared a video of the billionaire lying beside her with some of his nether regions exposed.
2021 is off to a dramatic start already with #Dangotesbumbum trending on twitter.

Little was known about him beyond his marriage and divorce in the past. Mr. Dangote’s media aides have yet to comment on the scandalous affairs that seemed to be pointing at the billionaire’s steep appetite for glowing American women.

While the world continues to gush over the incidents unfolding before us i choose to look at it from a “different perspective”.
It is nice to see the business mogul as a human with needs and desires instead of a figure that represents a seemingly unattainable level of wealth and success.
Whilst many Nigerians may not be able to relate to his wealth and affluence…every Nigerian can relate to having urges and the need to satisfy them.
Judging by the women tied to this story, it could be much worse.

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