One of a Kind Christmas_Ada Nkong

One favorite pastime I have at Christmas is to compare and contrast dresses, looks and hairstyles.

Getting to church early was a bonus and I settled in to do my fashion police work since I was over forty minutes early.

Slowly I came to realize that this wasn’t your average Christmas.

Not everyone had bothered with dressing up. The look on their faces though was that of pure joy. The joy of simple daily living. Their faces said they felt privileged to be alive and part of this year’s Christmas.

Carols sounded a shade sweeter, who would have thought we would love to sing them this strange year and somehow the Priest knew not to run a long sermon. The brief admonition on how not to celebrate Christmas was just right for this one of a kind Christmas.

From the editorial team on Newsannex we just thought to say we love you enough to share this lovely day with you. Keep your hearts full of joy and hope as we countdown to the new year.

We may not have gone all out because of the times but we did celebrate one more Christmas and that is enough. There will be time enough someday to discuss this one of a kind Christmas over some good old wine.

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