Professional Accounting : A Tool for Business Growth_Ada Nkong

The need to make use of professional Accounting if businesses are to grow has been emphasized.

The CEO Jeevdegenie ,Mr Eugene Ehiabhi made this known in an interaction with our correspondent.

Mr Ehiabhi who lamented the fact that most businesses crumble because they do not use proper accounting methods to keep track of their finances said Jeevdegenie was borne out of the need to offer reliable services to clients with a view to introduce check and balances in the system or business.

According to him;

“Jeevdegenie Consult is a bureau structured in line with the statutory responsibility expected of any competent professional outfit within the Nigerian shores”.

“We are committed to providing professional and innovative approach at Accounting, Financial and Business consulting*.

He outlined the areas in which they offer services.


Here, we:
-“Review and update existing Accounting systems.
-Design and install Manial or Computerised Accounting Systems.
-Maintenance of Clients Accounts records, updating statutory books, opening of necessary Accounting records.
-Conduct periodic stock taking and reports.
-installing system techniques on Administrative, Input, fraud detection and general controls”.


“Here, we prepare
-Financials to support request for funds by clients from Banks and Financial Institutions.
-Clients cash flow statements.
-Debt Management profiling services”.


“Here, we help in
-Business Coaching- Strategy and implementation of business plans.
-Career counseling
-Seminar facilitation-Trainings and workshops
-Recruitments-Hiring and training of Accounting Staff”.

Mr Ehiabhi said Jeevdegenie is open to all.

“You can contact us on our email address on and call us on 09012572756”

“We will definitely exceed your expectations!”

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