My Rebirth:True Life Story of a Covid-19 Survivor_Ada Nkong

I went to the annual women in media fitness party looking forward to seeing her.

She was not there. A few persons from her office were there but something held me back from asking.

You can only imagine my shock when I read the story below on social media to the end and found it was signed by her.

I am glad she made it.Covid is real, please take precautions.

My Rebirth!
Goodmorning Family and Friends!.
I am Alive. It’s a rebirth. I got Uncommon Love from the Father who Is Love. He Sustained His BREATHE OF Life in me. I Live for Him!

It started like huge joke on 27 Nov 2020 when the NIA COVID-19 testing center in Abuja confirmed that I was positive. They dispensed Hydroxic Chroloquin, Azitromycin 250mg x2 for 4 days and the routine Vit C1000mg, Zinc 2ice daily dosing and Vit D 3 for 14 days. I was told to isolate at home, and return on the 5th day.
I did. On my 5th day visit, my test was still positive, my blood pressure was 197/113. Hmmm. I was sweating profusely. By now I had started this deadly cough that threatens to squeeze life out of my lungs. No strength, no taste, no smell.

I was placed on Oxygen on that Saturday 5th Dec. 2020 @ the NIA Horsefall Clinic.
That same Saturday Prof Felicia Anumah and my siblings took the critical decision to move me to COVID-19 isolation Centre in Gwagwalada which had more experienced Physicians and better facilities and medications to respond to the COVID-19 Care.

Philip, my brother, swiftly arranged with the Clinic for the ambulance that ferried me across to Gwagwalada in about 55mins ( that looked like 20 hrs.) Thank you Nurse Bako, he was very professional as he accompanied me in the Ambulance, and check the screen intermittently to ensure that nothing goes wrong. My siblings, EMMANUEL and Maryann were in another vehicle following the Ambulance.
Dr. Akor, Prof Tahir, Nurse James etc were at hand to recieve this new inmate (client) as Dr Tahir reffered to me.😃 He said to make me feel less sick. He chatted with me, kept my spirit high , told me about Remivir 100 which costs N350,000 each X 6 shots to be administered. He told me to make my contacts as they will commence treatment immediately. They started by borrowing 2 from another patient who had purchased his set. Which they returned in the morning when my supply was collected.
So began my lease of life.

Maryann (my younger sister) was gallant, a vessel of Gods Love,. 24/7 she was mopping my sweats, cleaning me up, hitting me hard from time to time when I tried to slip into violent sleep of death, massaging my body when it started to shutdown from the effects of steroids. ( she was reading up about my medications and possible side effects on her phone. These helped her to understand my reactions)
This girl stood, defied the Virus, not blinking, but had her Mask on, day and night for 9days in the isolation centre
We had some 4 litre jar of Metylated spirit, Bleach, detol, surface wipes etc. Maryann was cleaning after these masquerade’like looking Drs and Nurses. She feels they come with virus from other rooms each time😄, so she literally sprayed the alcohol after them.
She took over the cleaning of my room and stopped the cleaners from coming in so I was recuperating In a very sterile environment or so we felt.
Deaths in the Corridor
Nights were deadly and eerie. Almost a death every night. The sound of Ambulance arriving the Isolation center started to give me panick attacks… in 9 nights, I witnessed 6 deaths. Renowned people in society. And I watched as the news broke on the TV the following day….really depressing. I cried, I prayed, I somethings start to jot down stuff, incase I dont make it, so that people will know that I was in good state of mind. I think of good things that hv happened in my life, I smiled, I thank God etc…

Chain prayer groups. Holding me Up in Prayer
Now to my circle of Love in prayer, my sis Marcie’s Group all over the Globe, the OLQF Dominican Community , my friends and colleagues, Fr. George Ehusani and his virtual Masses, the Ajibogun clan, children and grand children. Lamide, my sister in love,… Dr. Fashola and Friends, Fr. KAJO etc Different Groups Prayed unceasing, The altar was Awake, Alive, Stormed, and responsive.

My Hour of Mercy
3 o’clock AM was our hour of Mercy. MARYANN AND MY SELF, we chant the Cath Divine Mercy prayer, ( thanks Betty for sharing. I was always wide awake, then at 5am , we listened to Cath relections by Fr Blessed. I read any reflections posted on any platform I am On. ( My Phone was active)..

The Food supplies.
Uncle Ray’s cuisine, fresh, no salt, very healthy packs, with stocks of PPE FaceMasks, Gloves etc for Maryann to last us the duration. He came with Philip and Emmanuel – They could only drive close to the deadly gate and waved at us. Maryann picked up the packs…

Then a young Lady Sharon – she lives in Gwagwalada and was running erands for us. At every call she was around at the gate to pick and drop supplies for us, maama Amir, thank you for the food and the risks to deliver them.
Then promptly Samson, Dr Fashola ‘s driver, brought Fresh food and fruits evry Morning from town..50mins away, and btw 8- 8.30 am each day, food was delivered. Thank you. Wow, this was consistent and timely… it helped me to fill my stomach before the nurse came to administer my injections, which always left my stomach hollow.

I did not know how the Bill’s were pickedĺ. Yes my office, NBC paid the humongous N2.1m for Remidivir. Friends and Family knocked off the rest as they come.
Nurture of Love
Sofisticated medications were pumped into me to expel the virus, and jack my lungs back to health but LOVE healed me. Everybody responded to Gods Call. Praying, providing, Caring, Loving and Keeping Hope Alive with me. I was delivered from the Jaws of death. Love Conquered.
Dr. Tahir, Dr Akor, Dr. Habib, the Lady Dr., Nurse James, Abdul, Kenan, Monday, the stern guy at the gate of the center I thank you. I appeal to Govt to take care of this people. They put their lives on the line for the Nation.
O God!
MY song of Thanksgiving has just begun.
PLEASE NOTE! COVID-19 IS REAL. DEADLY. The virus seeks to snuff out life from your lungs. Stand your Guard.
• Boost your Immunity: thake Vit C 1000mg; Vit D( a walk in the Sun, Zinc daily.
• Wear your Facemask
• Wash your hands with soap under running water.
• Use Sanitizer when on the move frequently.
• And Pray to God for His Protection.
If you test Positive and you commence treatment at home on Isolation, please ensure that you have your

  1. Pulse Oximeter- to check ur oxygen level
  2. Thermometer , to monitor you temperature
  3. And blood pressure monitor.
    If any of these drops a little, pls run to the Center for Superior attention.
    People are dying because Oxygen gets too low in the body before they get to the Center.
    Thank you.
    Franca Aiyetan

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