Dame Judith Amaechi at 50: An Advocate of The Poor-Ibeneme _Ada Nkong

As she celebrates her fiftieth birthday, wife of the Minister of Transportation,Dame Judith Amaechi has been described as an advocate for the poor.

The Founder, Israel Ibeleme Foundation, Mr. Israel Ibeleme while felicitating with her on her Golden Jubilee showered praises on the former first lady of Rivers State .

In a congratulatory message, Dr Ibeneme lauded the philanthropic nature and high sense of business acumen that Mrs. Amaechi possesses.

“Her Excellency Dame Judith Amaechi I will say to the whole world that she is one of the amazing woman that everyone in Nigerian will like to come in contact with.”

“She is a product of peace, a prayer warrior, a strong business woman, with a strong business idea

While recalling his first contact with Mrs Amaechi, Dr. Israel said “It was at Eneka during the commissioning of Empowerment Support Initaitive (ESI) that God perfected His miracle, at first in my first day in Government house port Harcourt I was asked to worked with her Excellency Dame Judith Amaechi as Governor’s wife so I became her official photographer and first official photographer.

“And one day things changed, one day there was an exchange, I was asked to worked with the Governor of Rivers State then his excellency Rt Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, so when I walked to her excellency dame judith Amaechi and told her that things have changed, that I have been ask to work with Oga, she said one thing to me.

“Oh have you graduated in my mind I was like graduation? I really did not understand what that means but coming to think of my work with her Excellency, all the time I worked with her, you can’t spend 30mins or in a function without her telling you what she wants to do for the poor.

Explaining the golden hearted nature of the former first lady, Dr. Israel said Mrs. Ameachi will always want to advocate, work and raise the poor.

“She will keep saying if I have more opportunity I would like to build a New City to the poor and provide education, she is someone who has a heart to give”.

“I could recall during the 7th Assembly, she called all of the wives of the then House of Assembly Members, all of them were present in her inner room and she started questioning each of them one after the other, what have you done now that your husband is in the House of Assembly member.

“What are you using the opportunity to do? what have you done for your people and each of them was replying her, she said to them, now you have an opportunity, can’t you utilize and invest in the life of people, not just people only that are around you but those in the community and constituency on behalf of your husband. That is the kind of person her Excellency Dame Judith Amaechi is,” Israel said.

He also described her as product of peace, a prayer warrior, a strong business woman with strong business ideas, and also an epitome of hope through the Empowerment Support Initiative


Her doors and kitchen are open for everyone including visitors; I have never seen someone like her in my life that is selfless like that. You can never see her have issue with people publicly or shout or abuse people with her position.

She is very humble and honest, I have worked with her, I have lived with her that is the kind of person I see, she is a good product for Nigeria and trust me, on her 50th Birthday, this year a lot will happen.”

He thereby appealed to all and sundry for prayers and support for the celebrant even as she coasts gallantly to attaining 50 years of age.

“I want to appeal to Nigerians to stand by her, I want Nigerians to pray for her, to wish her more health, more protection, more kindness, I appeal for everyone to pray for Rt Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi’s family because they deserve it, and trust me you won’t regret it,” Isreal added.

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