PDP Senatorial Bye-Election: Jarigbe Agom Cautions Against Bitterness, Celebrates 50_Ada Nkong

On the sidelines of his 50th birthday celebration, the member representing Ogoja / Yala Federal constituency Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe has called on his supporters to tow the path of peace and patience in the aftermath of the just concluded senatorial bye elections.

The rep member who took to his Facebook page to appreciate the numerous good will messages from friends and well wishes as he turned 50 described politics as a game and stated that the outcome of elections should be accepted in good date especially when the votes of the people have spoken.

See full text of his message below

The Struggle for Emancipation continues, as I celebrate my 50th.

Politics is not War but I see some people take it personally. Its a game of wits. I accept defeat when I am outwitted and I think others should accept defeat when outwitted and restrategize.

Its as clear as crystals, the preference of the majority of the people in CRNorth as it concerns the Senate Seat. Its also obvious that the Gov wants to foist his Candidate on our people. He is actually using our common patrimony and State Resources to achieve this but that’s the politics. You use what you have , to get what you want, so no one should be bitter about it. He has a right to his ambitions. My only reservation is that, he doesn’t think others should express themselves because there is a Governor. I grew up in a home that encouraged me to be competitive and not timid.

My message on my birthday is that we eschew bitterness in this game of politics and give room for participatory politics, rather than being dictatorial and suppressive. ITS A GAME. LET US ENJOY IT TOGETHER. NO BAD BLOOD. AT THE END ,LETS BE READY TO CONGRATULATE THE PERSON THAT EMERGES, BUT FOR NOW, ITS TOO EARLY TO DETERMINE.

For those who were killed and maimed in the Struggle, we pray for the repose of your Souls and recuperation May God take over your unfinished battle, because vengeance belongs to HIM.


I remain unconquerable.

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