Sr. Azuka Onwunedo: 25 Years as God’s Handmaid_Ada Nkong

I remember my first close encounter with her! I was not in a good place at all, in so many ways. It would appear being young and inexperienced when I got married was taking too great a toll and somehow, all I could see was gloom.

God positioned her in my husband’s life as senior colleague, senior advicer and surrogate Mum rolled into one. I couldn’t understand how and why she was so patient but she made it much more easy for us to weather the storm with her support and understanding.

Watching her dance down the aisle in thanksgiving to God for sparing her to see 25 years after her first religious profession, I finally figured out that she was just five years ahead of us in her profession when she started mentoring us. She was learning the ropes as it were ,yet doing a great job at being God’s messenger in our home.

As an educator, she had in this time acquired a PhD haven gone through the ranks and risen to HOD of the mathematics Department of GSS Karu. Being a religious did not take away her zeal to impact the secular world.

According to her ” I know whom I put my trust in and he is able to take care of all I entrusted to Him”.2 Tim1: 12

The turn out of fellow Religious that came to celebrate with her shows Without a doubt that she has been Sister indeed to them.

Like St.Paul, I hear her say “I have fought a good fight”! Someday, I will get her to tell the story of her journey but for today, to Sister Henrietta Azuka Onwunedo its more grace to work in the vineyard from the editorial team of Newsannexonline.

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