Celebrating the Quintessential CEO of Qtaby on Her Birthday_Ada Nkong

I called as early as six am to put in my birthday wishes even though I knew her meetings ran into late last night.It isn’t beyond her to get into another meeting as early as 5 am that would run into series of others, welcome to a typical day in the life of the young and vivacious CEO of Qtaby.

Born Victoria Remi Nkong to a family of Educators,  one would have hardly imagined her in the entertainment world. Her Father, a lawyer himself had wanted her to don the wig too but the AfriqueChique had other plans for herself and has gone ahead to carve a niche for herself as an astute bilingual talent manager traversing the continent ,leaving a trail of success stories.

Her debut with CORA as a translator saw her work closely with entertainers in French speaking countries around the world but her charming personality and ability to build bridges have kept her on the list of young female entrepreneurs to watch out for in and outside Nigeria.

To see her on the cover of magazines would leave you with an impression of a tough as nails, society woman with no care in the world, an impression that would be erased within seconds of interacting with her.

She has managed an interesting list of artistes but most interesting is her relationship with Harry Song the talented crooner whose working relationship with her is so seamless that up close they look more like family.

The most intriguing part of her story though is that she plays mother to over 23 children. A visit to the home where the kids don’t only dote on her but share a very strong bond with her leaves you wondering how she manages to balance so much travel and work with being a mother.

As for family, she has to be the most present daughter and Sister, always there to soothe, comfort and baby sit.Her nieces and nephews practically thrive on her attention.

Er friends from FGGC Calabar and University of Calabar know that she is one friend you can always count on.

The lesson in her life is not to go where the path leads but to create a new path and follow it.

Roll out the drums for the one and only AfriqueChique. Happy birthday from all of us on Newsannexonline.

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