Activist Laments Slow Pace of Infrastructural Development in Delta State_Ada Nkong

Delta State born human and environmental right activist, Comrade Mulade Sheriff has appealed to political appointees of Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa of Delta State to sincerely and genuinely encourage the governor to do the needful in terms of roads and Infrastructural development in the State.

Comrade Mulade Sheriff who made the call in Asaba while speaking to Journalists at the state capital, said

“As a Deltan, I am highly disappointed whenever I move across the state in terms of roads infrastructural developments. What’s on ground cannot quantify and represent true revenue allocations in terms of developments and what we read on papers and see in documentaries as road master”.

He Called on all Government politicial appointees in the state to genuinely summon courage to tell Governor Ifeanyi Okowa the level of displeasure and disappointment as expressed by Deltans.

” I strongly believe that the essence of their appointments is to work as field soldiers to the Governor to enable him achieve his political promises but it is unfortunate that what we experience today are political eye service appointees, thereby misleading the Governor to feel all is well in public domains”.

“It is understandable that as a Governor he may not be at every point to observe and collate the needs of Deltans but it is the primary responsibility of political appointees to genuinely brief the Governor with the expectations, needs and challenges of the people but reverse is the case because of political sycophancy”.

Sheriff Who expressed disappointment over the level of developments in the state in spite of her huge resources, said, the state has not genuinely recorded the expected developmental growth compared to some of her counterpart states in the region such as Rivers, Akwa Ibom and others especially Warri the commercial nerve of the state, Sapele, Emunede, Ughelli, Bomadi, Burutu, Koko, Ogbe-Ijoh etc

He strongly Appealed to our political office holders to stop political attacks, blackmails, lip service and genuinely work to encourage, support and promote developments that will engender peaceful coexistence, which Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has reasonably strived to achieve in the state.

“Governor Ifeanyi Okowa should as a matter of urgency kindly listen to the yearnings of Deltans in terms of roads developments and should not see some of us who draw his attention to fundamental issues of developments as political enemies or anti government but as voices of the people and stakeholders”.

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