Amaechi Clears the Air on Oshodi Train Incident, Kaduna Supposed Attack_Ada Nkong

The Minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has frowned at misuse of the railtracks by vendors and other people.Speaking after an inspection tour of the Lagos Ibadan rail, the Minister attributed the recent accident between a train at Oshodi and a vehicle to the wrong use of the rail track as a parking space by the driver, he however regretted the loss of life. He warned that henceforth defaulters will be punished.

“The accident that happened near oshodi was because the guy was parked on the track waiting for them to open and I am told by the experts that it takes about 800metres for the train to stop”.

“Its unfortunate that there is a loss of life and the Governor and I have agreed that Lagosains know that the trian track is not a market and when we start running, they need to give way to the track”.
“The Governor and i have agrreed that there should be enforcement of law. People should go to jail for breaking the law. Next thing is we are fencing the Lagos corridor. In some places, its about cows, hefe its about human beings. Look at he tracks ,the tracks are like old tracks Some pass feaces, some cook, some trade on that same track and run restaurants”.
Commenting on the recent rumors about an attack on a Kaduna train, the Minister said it was an exaggeration aimed at scaring passengers as it was hooligans that threw stones at a window and were apprehended by the police.

“It is not true that the trian was attacked in Abuja. Leave this social media propagandists. Young boys threw stones at the train near Kubwa and broke a glass and they stopped and arrested them. Why is it always fhe train was shot at and someone was injured? Why is it not someone died? No body is asking why the bullets only select wounds.. These are just mischief makers repeating the same thing”.
The Minister said there was appreciable progress in all the stations inspected and monthly between now and December some stations would be completed.

“They have given us the following target, end of septemver, three stations will be ready, end of October, all the 7 minor stations will be ready, end of December, everything will be ready. They are still keeping to the target of December.
“The only one they are afraid of is Apapa station because they started very late. But I am insisting that Apapa should be completed at thee same time as the rest and I have told them to set up a task force just for Apapa alone and I willll come by end of September to see for myself how far they have gone”.

“If you see the station at Olodo,there are improvements, they finished flooring, roofing, lighting ceiling just doors windows. Again What is outstanding at Kajola is just painting. There was improvement in Olodo and Ebuttemetta. The only station in which i am not satisfied is this last station in Ibadan”.
Amaechi hinted that two other projects might begin by the end of the year, that is the Port Harcourt Maiduguri and Kano- Maladindi Line.

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