Miraculous Images of Jesus and Mary Appear in Church at Mararaba,Nasarawa State_Ada Nkong

In what is nothing short of a miracle, the images of Jesus and Mary have appeared in the window panes of a church in Mararaba Nasarawa state.

Thousands of people have trooped to Joshua Generation Youth Movement , inside Intimacy with Christ School at Mararaba to see with their eyes the images which appeared since Wednesday and have since been there.

Speaking to our correspondent, the Pastor of the Church, Pastor Ikenna Okpala said it was still amazing to him how it all happened. According to him, he had invited Pastors and Leaders from other denominations to see with him what happened and verify the authenticity. Hr said even members of the Catholic Church who are more conversant with issues concerning the Virgin Mary had come to see for themselves.

Recounting the incidence, Pastor Ikenna said the ministry had just concluded a 7 day prayer program when on the 1st of September, he got a message to go to the church and praise for an hour with his wife which he did.

Thereafter he was led to ask the congregation to pray that God should make the place a place of signs and wonders.

On Wednesday, in the course of prayers, he heard a voice asking him to look at the window, he looked up and saw the image on the window ,at which he shouted and called on others to see.

When he was asked what message he thinks the images are trying to send to people ,Pastor Ikenna said to him,” God used it as a sign to show that his presence is here and also that his coming is close”.

Joshua Generation Youth Movement has been meeting at Intimacy with Christ for 8 years according to the Pastor. It is not a church but a fellowship of young people to lead them on the right path.

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