Railway University Daura to be Completed September 2021-Amaechi _Ada Nkong

The Minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi says the $ 50 million dollar railway university will be completed by September 2021.
The Minister said this while speaking to journalist after an assessment tour of the project in Daura.

Amaechi said contrary to rumours being peddled that nothing is happening at the site, construction is on.

“There’s been too much noise about them not constructing anything. When you got there you saw that they were constructing. They just got the approval from the state government”.

“Proper construction will start at the end of September and hopefully they should be about to complete it St the end of September next year”.

He explained that the university is a gift from the construction company and not anothercomtract.
“This is not a railway contract. This is a gift from them. I have said my assumption is that they should finish by next year September”.

“The idea is that there should be a primary school in it, especially for those lecturers who will come from outside. There will be two building for the primary school, a secondary school and then the university”.
Commenting on the source of manpower for the university, he explained that the Chinese would provide that initially while Nigeria develops her own.
“They will provide all that for five years by which time the Federal Government should have been able to get its own technical staff”
Recall that the FG had arranged for a scholarship for some youths to be trained in Railway engineering in China.

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