Little Girl Spine and Limb Saved Right Here in Nigeria_Ada Nkong

A family vacation went sour when they were involved in a serious motor vehicle accident.

They were returning to Abuja following a trip to Ibadan. Apparently, the driver of their vehicle fell asleep at the wheel.

Their beloved daughter, Moyin, sustained serious injuries including a fractured leg and broken spine.

She was paralyzed and unable to move both legs.

She needed urgent surgery without wasting time trying to get a visa and traveling abroad.

We all want the best for ourselves and our loved ones especially when it comes to health care.

We would spare no expense to see that we secure good health care services

The question is, must we as a matter of necessity continues to leave the shores of Nigeria to access quality health care?

First, there is the question of the time and resources spent in securing the papers to travel which might well make the difference between prompt care and worsening cases due to delay in commencement of treatment.

Secondly, with the world becoming a global village, the right kind of information and synergy necessary to deliver first class treatment is increasingly available.

In fact, we have specialists in Nigeria forming part of the team in several cases for surgery we spend so much money to travel abroad for.

The key is to identify a good hospital with a track record of good outcomes and get quality medical care in good time with less stress and at less cost.

This first hand experience in the link below would interest you.

This is a great video testimonial. A young girl with recovery from spinal cord injury.

To speak to a consultant neurosurgeon with a solid track record kindly use the contacts below.

call: 08122221616

Remember, expert care with good outcome is available in Nigeria.

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