Eid-el-Kabir :NUJ FCT Calls For Tolerance, Kindness_Ada Nkong

The Nigeria Union of Journalists FCT Council has called on its Muslim members to use the occasion of the 2020 Eid el-Kabir 2020 Sallah celebrations to pray for the security and peace of the territory and country at large.

The Council also urged tolerance and kindness amongst all peoples and religions, stressing that these were virtues without borders.
Chairman of Council, Emmanuel Ogbeche, and Ochiaka Ugwu, Secretary, who spoke in a statement said that Sallah should be seen as a period in which prayers, love and tolerance should be exhibited for the good of all.
“We are at a very difficult period in the Federal Capital Territory and Nigeria as a whole with serious security challenges coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic. This Eid el-Kabir offers an opportunity for our Muslim colleagues to take these issues in prayers to Allah and seek His mercy and goodness,” the statement reads.
“This is an opportunity to be exemplary in prayers, kind deeds, tolerance and other virtues that promote the wellbeing of our various communities.
“As journalists, we should also use this Sallah period to report objectively and tell truth to power. We should challenge government on poor and failing infrastructures, insecurity and other issues that threaten our common existence,” the statement added.

It further stated that while Sallah was one of thanksgiving and festivity, journalists should not forget to stay out of harms’ way as well as not expose themselves to situations that could expose them to the coronavirus pandemic.
“As a Council, we urge you to be mindful of your surroundings and not be drawn in by the festive mood, thereby compromising your safety and health. It is incumbent you take all precautions to stay safe as well as your loved ones especially against the deadly Covid-19.
“We assure you that we will continue to work for your common good and wish you the best of the season,” the duo said.

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