Trump Moves to Cut Price of Prescription Drugs in US_Ada Nkong

We are being pressured to resume the railway service before Salla

President Buhari approved the reviewed fares as fillows economy N3000, business class N6000, we even proposed higher fare but the president approved that we should leave it at that price.

On if the fare is not too high the minister most people using the train can afford to pay the fare and most people are of the opinion that it’s notting compared to the risk of kidnappers on the road.

On the commercial activities on Itakpe to Warri, he said the axis is more lucrative than the Abuja-Kaduna because by the time the Nweke project start they will have to be conveying the pipes from Warri seaport to Itakpe but in terms of passenger burden we have moved from 300passrngers per day to 4500 passengers per day, so in terms of passenger volume the Abuja-Kaduna railway is higher.

On the Lagos railway
We need about 1000 workers to work on Ebutte Metta station and we are only working with 10. The two things we can do is to either run skeletal services and be running 2 services one going and one coming that means they will be using the double tracks but they won’t be using the stations and if they av to use the stations nobody should complain that they are uncompleted stations but we will only do that if there is heavy pressure on traffic, if not they may have to wait till the stations are ready.

We had targeted May and they were working towards May but unfortunately Covid-19 came, so we told them to complete the small stations cause that one is easy 10persons can complete that station but the biggest station in Ebutte Metta they will need about 1000 workers on site and we don’t want to risk that because of spread of the virus.

On the mounting pressure he said we don’t to expose the lives of people

On the Ibadan-Kano project
He said we are still waiting for money, on the tweet, I never tweeted anything I don’t have any Facebook or Twitter account the only social acount I have is WhatsApp. Have you ever seen me tweet before, I didn’t say you should disregard any information from my account cause I have staffs who may be doing such.

President Donald Trump has signed four executive orders aimed at cutting prescription drug prices in the US.

“The four orders I’m signing today will completely restructure the prescription drug market,” said Mr Trump, who has long criticised “astronomical” prices.

The measures would allow discounts and import of cheaper drugs from abroad.

Mr Trump will meet pharmaceutical bosses on Tuesday, but some industry analysts have criticised the move, saying it would not have much effect.

“This administration has decided to pursue a radical and dangerous policy to set prices based on rates paid in countries that he [President Trump] has labelled as socialist, which will harm patients today and into the future,” Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America said in a statement .

It said Mr Trump’s move was “a reckless distraction that impedes our ability to respond to the current [coronavirus] pandemic – and those we could face in the future”
President Trump’s administration has been criticised for its response for the worsening Covid-19 crises, as the number of confirmed virus-related deaths in America has now topped 145,000.
Since taking office, Mr Trump has made repeated attacks against those who set drug prices and has pledged to take radical steps to reduce them.

But with the presidential election just several months away, industry experts have voiced doubts that any major decisions could come into force before the 3 November vote.
They also say that the White House has limited power to implement drug pricing policies.

Executive orders do not have any automatic legal force and can also be challenged in court.

According to a 2019 report by the OECD group of industrialised nations, the US spends roughly twice the average amount spent by other member countries on pharmaceuticals per head.

For example, where the UK paid £398 ($497) per head in 2015, the USA paid $1,162.

This is despite having similar levels of prescription drug use.
Source: BBC

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