Drainage on Abuja-Keffi Express :Cars Swim into the FCTAda Nkong

For those living on the outskirts of the FCT, traffic congestion is like a norm and everyone plans their movement leaving at least two hours in between for time lost in traffic.

When it rains however, no amount of calculation can save one from the challenge of swimming to work. Led you consider this a joke study the pictures and see how difficult it is inside a car. Talk more of when one is on foot

Sadly, the inhabitants of the satellite towns like Mararaba, Nyanya down to Ado, do not help matters as they are seen emptying their garbage into the gutters at the slightest sight of rain.

The Lady in the blue car might not make it to work today as the water obviously got in to her engine.

Is there no way the government of Nassarawa state can enforce proper waste disposal?

Nyanya is the gateway to the FCT from that axis, there is a huge drainage issue at the bridge before Nyanya market ad seen in those pictures, is it beyond the FCTA to ensure proper drainage and save man hours and cars from destruction?

What if schools were in session and students or primary school pupils are trying to get to work in that rain? I shudder to think of what story I would be typing now.

Can all the relevant agencies just do their job and let’s make peoples lives less difficult?

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