Domestic Flights Resume as Four Airlines Fly Lagos- Abuja_Ada Nkong

Max air, Ibom air, Air peace and Arik air Wednesday, made their maiden flights since as Domestic flights resume.
The airlines airlifted passengers from Lagos to Abuja amidst the strict protocols put in place by the regulatory agencies .
According to Director public communications, Ministry of Aviation, Mr James Odaudu ,two airlines from Arik air with registered number ARA720 and B738 ARIK FLIGHT ARA720 5NMJQ scheduled for Lagos to Abuja

were scheduled to depart at 0620 UTC with 78+9 passengers on board.
Other airlines that operated were Max Air flight NGL1640 a B733 with registration 5NBBM Departure From Lagos to Abuja, Airborne at 0921 UTC with 55 persons on board and 05 crew, , Ibom Air flight IAN4152 with registration number CRJ9 5NBWL, scheduled tol depart from Lagos to Abuja with 31-5 passengers on board at 1030UTC and Air Peace flight APK7120 B737 Registration 5NBQP scheduled to take off from Lagos to Abuja at 1045UTC with
112 and 9 crew on board.
Air travel had been suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic and International flights are yet to resume.

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