Nigerian Traders in Ghana Commend NIDCOM as 600 Locked Shops Reopen_Ada Nkong

600 shops in Ghana owned by Nigerians ,that have been locked down since December 2019 have been reopened for business.
The President National association of Nigerian traders , Dr Ken Ukaoha ,made this known during a courtesy call by the association to the Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora commission in Abuja.
Dr Ukaoha said the visit was to convey the appreciation of the Nigerian traders in Ghana to the Chairman Abike Dabiri-Erewa for her role in brokering peace. He recalled her intervention in similar cases in South Africa and Ukraine which went a long way to ensure Nigerians in those countries continued to earn a living.
He however appealed that Nigeria’s government should impress it on Ghana that ECOWAS protocol should not be breached in dealing with member states like Nigeria, especially now that we have a common passport.
Ukaoha drew the attention of the Chairman to the fact that ” it is not yet Uhuru as they have started fomenting trouble again “.
Responding, NIDCOM’s Chairman thanked the traders for their cooperation while expressing joy that the shops have been reopened. She said President Buhari played a key role in ensuring that happened as he was constantly engaging the Ghanian President on the issue.
Dabiri-Erewa reminded the Nigerian traders in Ghana to be careful and obey the rules of their country of residence.
She called for peaceful coexistence in the spirit of ECOWAS.

The high point of the visit was the presentation of the traditional Ghanaian Kente cloth to the Chairman as souvenir.

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