SOCOCOVID Launches National Covid-19 Register_Ralph Bichene

The Society Committee against Covid-19 ,SOCOCOVID, has been commended for documenting the efforts of individuals and civil society groups to cushion the effect of the pandemic on the poor and vulnerable.
The Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen, the DG National Council for Arts and Culture, Otunba Runsewe and other dignitaries gave the commendation at the Unveiling and Signing commencement ceremony of the National Covid-19 Register in Abuja.

Speaking at the event, Otunba Olusegun Ronsewe who is one of the signees, expressed joy at the fruition of the idea. He described it as noble and something alien to the Nigerian way of doing things adding, that there is need to document such things for posterity.
According to him, it is more significant because ” people who have done the right things to get a good name are being recognized “.

Otunba said there is power in unity ,illustrating with a proverb that says ” No matter how talented a man is, he cannot clap with one hand”.
Delivering her keynote address, the Minister of women affairs. Dame Paullen Talen commended SOCOCOVID. She celebrated frontlinr workers for their sacrifices and emphasized the need to keep to the laid down protocol’s and guidelines for safety. She blamed the rising number of cases on the relaxation of the lockdown and called on all to lend a helping hand to those in need around them.
According to her,” God is Testing our humanity, it is a time to test who you are, whether you are willing to touch lives or think only of yourself “.
Dame Pauline Tallen seized the opportunity to condemn the rising incidents of rape in the country and urged more men to lend their voices to the campaign against rape.
Earlier, Dr Kenneth Ibe- Kali, the National Coordinator SOCOCOVID called for the support of well meaning individuals in the fight against Covid-19.
Ibe-Kalu said since the alliance which saw IFDA joining hands with other NGOs and CSOs, more has being achieved.
” We have garnered more strength, more experiences, more contacts, and more resources that have enabled us to undertake Prison decongestion which began at the correctional detention center in Suleja, where SOCOCOVID paid fines for some inmates and reunited them with their families and communities”.

He said the National Covid-19 register was borne out of the need to document the Covid-19 saga for posterity.

” I do not think many of us here have outlived a century ,but the truth is that this is the first time we, as Nigerians, Africans and nay, the whole world is witnessing a pandemic of this magnitude. Therefore there is an urgent need to put pen to paper to tell the story of our experiences “.
” This book is our humble way of saying thank you to all who indeed sacrificed and made a difference “.
The high point of the event was the signing of the Covid-19 register which was preceded by a documentary showing the signees and their contributions in various ways.

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