Court did not grant order restraining Governor Obaseki-Anthony Ehilebo Esq

Whenever one is presented with any court document it is very important to pause and take time read thoroughly and decipher the intent of the presented court document..

When I saw the court order being flashed around and the hatchet media job I am informed is being pushed a compromised Editor at thisday, my sense as media and communications expert went into overdrive..

The way they waited till late at night to release the deluge of planted media stories..

Yes the court in documents below listed their prayers..but if you read again it listed the orders it granted..which nowhere in the 4 listed granted prayers did it grant any order restraining Governor Obaseki from Contesting the PDP primaries..

It is shameful that certain erstwhile leaders of the PDP in Edo want to throw the proverbial “Sand Sand” in Edo PDPs garri..But No man is God..

The Party’s NWC has broad powers to grant waivers in the general common interest of the party as it did with Governor Obaseki and even in its press statement yesterday showed it favoured no particular Aspirant..

I urge all our Aspirants to respect this position and go to the field on Thursday to test their popularity if any..without the rancours of litigation..

They must remain informed that litigation with the party without exhausting internal mechanisms has consequences..

I thank our leaders for everything they have done to sustain the party through very tough times..Edo PDP is on the rise and may it soar to a place of greater glory.

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