Covid-19: Sample Collectors in FCT Lament Non Payment_Ada Nkong

Despite the risky nature of the job of sample collection and the general assumption that they are highly paid, sample collectors in the FCT have lamented the poor treatment meted out to them.

Accorsing to our source, no allowances have been paid them for over two months.

Full text of statement;


The FCT Public health sample collectors are appealing to the Buhari- led Federal keep to their words as regards the initial pronouncements of the Covid 19 inducement allowance for a period of three months.
The sample collectors are getting dissatisfied as a result of the following;
1- The sample collectors operate from their homes on daily basis,there by putting their family members and loved ones at high risks.

2- Most of the sample collectors reside as far as Gwagwalada,Bwari,Jikwoyi,Orozo,Masaka and Ado. They have been transporting themselves from all these axis on daily basis in the last two months plus.

3- No form of feeding/ feeding allowance,except for five days that community testing took place in Kuje,Abaji,Bwari,Gwagwalada and Kwali.The sum of Four thousand naira(4000) was been given each day for the five days that the community testing took place.And not everyone benefited from the money,as we were told that it was meant for only those working in communities.

4- Frontliners( from FCT public health sample collectors keep testing positive. About 10 persons so far have been infected and evacuated to treatment centers. Few have recovered and have been discharged, yet no form of encouragement in terms of renumeration. Assuming they couldn’t make it out alive,that’s the end of their efforts, even their family members will be neglected.

5- We are always working tirelessly all round the clock,sometimes even in the middle of the night,sample collectors are been called to go tale samples of the dead. And they still obey with all joy.
6- Covid19 is REAL and high risk epidemic. What is our fate? No amount of pay can make up for the sacrifices. If we have been extremely patient for over two months going, I don’t see any reason why the Govt.on their part will not be faithful to their words.

7- As each day passes,we keep seeing an increase in the number of positive cases,meaning things should not be taken for granted especially those who are at the forefront, interfacing with suspected and confirmed cases every minute,/hour,day,week,months. The world is watching, and posterity will judge us if we fail to do the needful. Am sure those who are in charge will not subject their children, wives,husbands or relatives to such a highly risky adventure with no form of welfare and proper care for them. People leave their homes sometimes as early as possible to arrive at public health 7am.And work starts till late at night without food or even snacks.. We can go on and on,but a word is enough for the wise. When we protested about three weeks ago,we were assured of immediate payments, and its over three weeks,nothing is been said,no one has received alert. I plead once again to everyone who is involved in the payments of the three months inducement and hazard allowance for covid19,should PLEASE DO THE NEEDFUL, as soon as possible. We heard the money have since been released for payments, a lot of speculations here and there,we no longer know what to believe. It was announced on different TV stations that 4.5 bullion have been released to pay Doctors, but sample collectors are not included. Front liners in isolation centres have received their inducement and hazard allowances, whereas without the sample collectors they won’t be isolation centres.

FCT public health sample collectors.

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