Lady Who Accused D’Banj of Rape, Arrested, Forced to Delete Tweets_Ada Nkong

Reports reaching Newsannexonline saySeutan Babatayo, the young girl who called out D’Banj on Twitter has been under threat and intimidation from the celebrity.
The LadyTheo said he raped her in an hotel in Lekki in 2018, was allegedly picked up by the IGP’s Intelligence Response Team, headed by ACP Kwari . Reports say they arrested the young girl on Tuesday evening and kept her overnight at their office in Shodipo -Ikeja.

According to our source, a couple of CSO’s got to know yesterday morning and started working theirr phones.
The source says they were able to get her released at about 6.30pm without payment of the N500,000 that they had demanded for bail. Meanwhile her phone was taken and all her tweets on Dbanj and the unfortunate incidence deleted.

A leader of one of the CSOs involved said
“We secured an appointment for this young lady and some of our colleagues providing psycho-social support to her, to see the Lagos State PPRO this morning at 10am. But wow, what did I wake up to? THE GIRL WAS MISSING”.

“D’Banj and his manager Damien Okoroafor had gone ahead to grab this girl again this morning after being released by the police, and they took her to an address in Lekki. At some point her phone wasn’t going through. The girl didn’t know where they were taking her to, but our colleagues used GPRS to track her phone and get the coordinates. SUCH IMPUNITY. If D’banj says he is innocent of the girl’s accusations and call out on Twitter, why go to these lengths. Why “kidnap” this girl? Why not sue her for libel or whatever and have your day in court. Why resort to extra judicial means”?

She however gave assurance of the safety of the lady in question and encouraged victims to speak out.
“The young girl is safe now. In the custody of colleagues. She is so so traumatised and just wants all these to end. She wants to leave it to GOD. But NO survivors of sexual and gender based violence MUST NOT BE MUZZLED. IMPUNITY MUST STOP”.
She urged dignitaries who want to avoid embarrassment to avoid harassing women.

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