Female Drivers Call For Castration of Rapists_Ada Nkong

The President ,Female Drivers Association of Nigeria, FEDAN, Ambassador Eunice Odeghe has called for castration of anyone found guilty of rape.
Odeghe made the call during a stand up rally on rape and violence against women in the FCT organized by FEDAN in collaboration with Spotlight Initiative and other NGOs.
Speaking on what inspired the rally, the President said
“the main focus of FEDAN is to stand against any form of violence and rape against women and girls.Women and girls are nation builders, also no society without a woman”.

“Rape is a crime and punishable by law, which is one of our major fight against female. We are saying enough of violence against women and girls”.
According to her ,”anybody caught in this act, should be castrated, as such a person is seen as insane, and a capital punishment should be melted on such person. As the victim is left with psychological, emotional and physical trauma for life”.
Ambassador Odeghe urged parents to pay close attention and look out for their children.

“Am using this medium to call on parents to watch out for their children, be close and friendly to them”.
“Let all concerned organization come out to speak against this violence and stop the culture of silent for the safety of our society”.
FEDAN is the umbrella body for all professional female drivers.

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