Poor Cultural Orientation: The Reason For Decay in Leadership_Regina Ayanbeke

In the ravine of unpalatable and dehydrated marital Culture against ‘women’s happiness’ lies the key to skaling leadership. It is pertinent to take cognizance of certain reflections for clarity.
Taking a glimpse into the existence of family in respect to ‘Headship’, we will attest to the whispers of our consciences that the tray of life winnowing the beauty of marriage has been abused by our ignorance, thus, making it impossible for the fabric of both marital and societal leadership to excel.
The issue of African husbands subsequently turned African leaders and weak performance is our concern. In a grave manner, most African husbands cook themselves in the ‘Mastery Role’ of a ‘Boss’ that must be revered, feared and constantly bowed to, which is not bad. But the ‘Boss’ forgets his role as the ’emotional balance sheet’ of the family, and neglecting that role leaves the family in disarray, thus, triggering disruption of headship goals.
Erroneously, marriage has been narrowed down to only fulfilling physical duties, thus, paying no attention to the emotional requirements even to a deadened state. This can be clearly linked to most African countries where there is a prescribed dosage of what leaders can do, not according to what the citizens need but what has been arranged. Most leaders like most husbands live in the aura of accolades and reverence from subjects without considering making changes in the unattended areas of failure which stares at their blinded faces.
Most African husbands replace the love and resources meant for their wives and kids to ‘side chicks’ to be feasted on without minding the catastrophe such diversion cause to family life. Similarly, most African leaders consciencelessly embezzle public funds, divert to foreign accounts, buy assets abroad etc without minding the impact it will have on development. It is no surprise because it’s only an offshoot of their excesses from home.
Most African husbands believe that feeding their wife’s emotional needs and also staying romantic is belittling and makes them lesser. However, he can do virtually all that he denies his wife of to a side chick just to make sure he gets to the pitch of acceptance to appease her unsatisfying desires. Also, most African leaders do same because their hearts defy love for motherland as they prefer to do whatever it takes to have a portion in foreign countries.
Most African husbands get angry at the slightest demand for attention or romance from their wives because they see wives as outdated, overused, inferior, old and undeserving of their ‘expensive’ love, so, most of them unmask their disdain, tag their wives ‘bad’ then go further to frolic with side chicks or get unnecessarily engaged with work or even sue for divorce. In the same way, most African leaders operate with a pseudo- style of leadership where they feel that the cry of citizens for good leadership is uncalled for since they had settled them by distributing ‘peanuts’ during campaigns. They believe that their citizens are undeserving of succor and so harden their hearts and always boast that they can buy their way into any office of their choice just exactly the way they buy women’s love.

To be cont………

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