Bauchi Governor Says 15 Covid-19 Cases ‘Imported’ From Calabar_Ada Nkong

Bauchi state Governor, Bala Mohammed, has accused Cross River state’s of exporting COVID-19 to Bauchi state.

Speaking at a press briefing Wednesday, Mr. Mohammed said 15 COVID-19 cases in Bauchi were people who returned from Calabar, Cross River’s capital .

He threatened to lock down Bauchi city if the number of infections continues to rise.
According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Cross River state is the only region in the country without any confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus.

“I don’t want to join issues with anybody,” Mohammed said. “But I want to tell Nigerians that they are going to be accountable to God.

“There is no need pretending that this thing is not there. We as leaders, we must come out and face the challenges.

“We in Bauchi, we are not pretending.”

Bauchi reported 69 COVID-19 cases on Tuesday ,which is high compared to previous reports.

The Governor blamed the rising cases of infections on people’s lax attitude towards health guidelines such as handwashing, use of sanitisers and face masks.

“Some of our places of worship, especially the mosques, they are the epicentre of infections, and nobody is doing anything,” he said.

“I am pleading with the people of Bauchi, if this thing continues to happen – we are bordered by seven states, some of them are worse – in order to secure the common people of Bauchi, I might have to lock up Bauchi.”

One thought on “Bauchi Governor Says 15 Covid-19 Cases ‘Imported’ From Calabar_Ada Nkong

  1. If Bauchi alone has 15 import of COVID 19 from Cross River State, why is NCDC not saying anything about CRS.
    Seriously thinking, if Bauchi claims that figure, then Abuja, Kaduna and Lagos where Cross River people are known to go in numbers would have claimed 100s.
    Only reasoning aloud o.
    NCDC, pls. Over to you, why have you not reported any case from CRS. Are you testing there at all?


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