Surgery Made Pleasant_Ada Ogar

Imagine being wheeled into surgery.

Apart from the specialists you spoke to and discussions on what to expect, it’s still a scary situation.

Some of the people you will see in the theatre would be strangers.

All you see are faces hidden behind masks and in theatre scrubs.

Yes, they know the problem and even the solutions but they don’t know you.

You could use at least a tight squeeze of the hand right now from a loved one or at least a look that says, I am right here with you, you will be fine.

Good news .
Brain and Spine Surgery Consortium has created a safe environment for allowing relatives to go into theatre and watch the operation live.

The doctors and theatre nurses work with patients and relatives and are involved in each phase of the operation.

So, they provide information about the operation and give the patient and relatives the opportunity to ask questions.

It increases acceptance of surgery and confidence of the patient.

Knowing that someone you know is right there watching and would speak up in your interest makes a huge difference.
The whole idea is Patient Centered Care as can be seen in the videos.*

Remember, these operations can be done safely in Nigeria and with your safety and comfort in mind.

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