Blacks Are The Worst Racist_Dr Torngee Malu, MBBS, FWACS, FMCS, FDAFPRS.

A lot of anger and rage has been generated by the killing of George Floyd, a black American in Minneapolis USA by a white policeman. The rage has extended to most of the world including Africa.

While this rage is understandable because of the brutal killing of a black man by a white policeman its very important to note that Blacks display the worst form of racism towards their fellow blacks than whatever the uniformed police man did.

Dont look far, consider the recent rape and murder of a student in Edo state.. it was not done by whites..

The Herdsmen and “bandits” cutting off heads and destroying lives across the country are not whites.

Coming to Africa, the Rwandan genocide was not carried out by whites..
Killing and maltreatment of Nigerians in South Africa and Ghana in the name of Xenophobia is not done by whites

These may be gory examples but we experience racism on a daily basis from our fellow blacks.
Blacks prefer to see a white skinned Doctor than a fellow black Doctor even if he or she is more skilled …
Black leaders prefer expatriates who are mostly crooks and inexperienced than fellow Blacks in execution of government projects.

Blacks prefer to invest in white countries than invest in black nations.

The list is endless.

We blacks are the worst racists, it’s just that the racism is directed against fellow blacks.
Until we value our skin colour and country above the white skin we should not expect the white man to value us.

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