Face of a Rapist_Ada Nkong

All of a sudden, you can’t turn the tabloids without seeing a rape case. Most absurd is the fact that babies are also being raped.
What state of mind makes a person lose his sense of self worth enough to think that he will never get someone to love him enough to get down with him if he must?
Imagine the scuffle that goes with all of it, who can still muster an erection or enjoy the act after expending such energy?
True some carry out such acts under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that is bad in itself but worst still to me, some are very sober and actually do this to people who loved and trusted them.
What a world.
The fact that we have vibrators, sex dolls and porn movies should have reduced this mad trend if it were a simple situation of physical urges or needs but no, there is a psychiatric angle to it with individuals who are well placed and have access to all of these ,including willing women choosing to tow this dishonorable path.
For those who say ,she led him on by her dressing, at the point where she said no, why not stop? It is beyond me why some menfolk think they are entitled to all their sexual demands being met. Not even the fact that the relationship with the victim, where there was one is at risk of being permanently destroyed matters.
Beyond reporting incidences and bringing offenders to book, it is high time the school curriculum includes lessons on how to reduce chances of rape and why not to sink so low, from an early age.
A trending post on social media says ‘if house helps were to speak out 75% of husbands will be in prison’. Interestingly, some wives are enablers.’ My home, my marriage, I need to protect them’ you become part of the problem. That is why many men tell their victims to report to their wives at their own risk . They know most women will live in denial or aid and abet.
It will never be okay to get intimate with someone against their wish. You will never be the reason why you were raped so stop the guilt trip and report the rapist.
This rape thing has to stop. It is not about the government this time, it is about a brain reset by everyday people like you and me.
Let people, rapist especially, face the consequences of their action. Name and shame them. There is a social register for sex for marks lecturers, let’s create one for rapists and let the media give it prominence in their reportage. Let’s make them popular as a deterrence.
Let’s make rape as unattractive as possible. Let’s teach our little boys that rape is for apes.

One thought on “Face of a Rapist_Ada Nkong

  1. Hello,
    I share completely in your line of thoughts. The school curriculum, the home, the foundation of the society needs to be checked. We need to take a decision, we need to be intentional

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