Clean The Roads, Clean Nigeria?_Dr Biodun Ogungbo

What we need in Nigeria is an awakening
Everyone simply needs to wake up from slumber
We need to rub our eyes and shine it bright
There is decay around us to see.

Then, we need to get a broom
And go sweeping, mopping and drying too
We need to clean house and sort out the future
There is decay all around us others can see.
The first place to clean is the road
Our traffic system, for sure
We need some sanity there
A forbear to peace in the land.

Let us start with road signs
Add proper names and directions
To streets and roads
Then, many will not have to ask
Where the heck are we?

Can we go one way or the other?
Is there a speed limit at all?
Anywhere with a school and children crossing?
Can cows just saunter past, on their way to the farm?
Is the zebra crossing just for zebras?
Should nut heads speed up to you
Not expecting a human on the stripes
Should cars and motorcycles too
Drive in the wrong direction
A shortcut to their destination
Woe betide any, who stand in their way?

Street lights, what street lights?
Full headlights are what you get
As drivers strain to see
Through the dark, at the speed of light

Bumps and craters
Jar into your bones, a need
For new shock absorbers
And tyres too, every few months.

Those who stop at traffic lights
Are seen as fools
Unable to watch out and dodge
Others with right of way
For stopping at lights
Is only at Christmas
A decoration on our roads
That’s for sure.
If there is an accident
The questions start
Didn’t you see me?
The loudest and the meanest wins.

For few have insurance
Or a driving licence
Or good eyesight
Half blind for sure.

A call to the Police
A waste of time
For who pays wins
Their support, in a court of law.

So, my friends, rise up
If we clean our roads
We will surely, be cleaning Nigeria
Injecting not just petrol but sanity too!

We need direction
Of where we are headed
And a visible plan
Of how we will get there.
For right now
Our generation is lost for sure
On the road without a seatbelt
And carnage all around us!

We need an awakening
Everyone should wake up
Rub your eyes and shine it bright
There is so much wreckage around us.

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