Guild of Medical Directors Accuses CBN of Dithering While Nigerians Die_Ada Nkong

The Guild of Medical Directors has lamented the poor attitude of Nigerian Leaders to research funding. In a statement signed by Dr Festus Oshoba , the Guild says following a zoom meeting of the organisation, they are not aware of any research funded by the Presidential Task Force or the Central bank to aid the discovery of new treatment or vaccines for the dreaded disease.

“Other countries are pouring money into research while we are busy grandstanding in front of microphones holding sterile press conferences. If there is ANY research that is being supported by the so called PTF, let them tell the world. The so-called Madagascar cure, which has not been subjected to ANY standard trial, is being imported by the PTF, while Nigerian researchers are ignored when they make request for funding.

The GMD said it is aware that some research groups have made requests to the CBN governor for funding of their research, but the Governor is sitting on the requests while putting together a so called ‘framework’ for such funding. Meanwhile, people are dying all over Nigeria. There is no sense of urgency.

The statement further said GMD is also aware that the Vice President, His Excellency Prof Yemi Osinbajo, approved of a piece of research and had instructed the CBN Governor to fund the research, but he bluntly refused to do so.

The guild described the situation as lamentable because indeed, it is research that should guide policy, and not the groping in the dark that we are now doing in the country.

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