Senator Sani Replies El-Rufai’s Son Who Trolled Him On Twitter_Femi Eugene

The fight between Senator Shehu Sani, a political rival of Kaduna State Governor and Bashir El-Rufai, son of the Kaduna state Governor which seems unending took a new dimension yesterday evening as both had a mild drama on Twitter.

Senator Shehu Sani had earlier uploaded a photo mimicking politicians on how they relate with people pre and post-elections which probably did not meet Bashir El-Rufai well.

Bashir El-Rufai whose father, the Kaduna state Governor is a political rival of Senator Shehu Sani made his own collage to mock the senator.

Bashir made a collage of two pictures of Senator Sani; the first picture shows President Buhari holding the hand of the former senator up while he laughs while the other showing the former senator sitting down quietly.

Reacting to Bashir El-Rufai’s post, Senator Sani who was angry with the post fired back at Bashir by referring to him as a ”Gnomish Heir from a Lunatic Dynasty”.

Bashir also left a reply for the Senator.

See their exchange below:

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