Controversial Benue Index Case Discharged_Ada Nkong

Mrs Susan Idoko-Okpe, the index case of coronavirus in Benue State ,has finally been discharged.

The 58-year-old Nigerian-British had taken to social media in a viral video to challenge the result of the test declaring her a COVID-19 patient.

Idoko-Okpe, who arrived in Nigeria from the United Kingdom on March 22, protested that she willingly presented herself for treatment for jet lag but a positive COVID-19 test result, which led to her being taken to the Benue State Isolation Centre in Makurdi on March 27 and subsequently to the National Hospital in Abuja, surfaced.

She was discharged on Wednesday evening, according to reports.

In a telephone conversation made available to our source, Idoko-Okpe was heard confirming to a lady that she had been released.

She said health officials gave her the result of the latest test as demanded and insisted she was positive for COVID-19.
Susan Idoko-Okpe said she called the Chief Medical Director, who told her that she was never “a prisoner” and that she was free to go.
She however said she would not disclose her current location yet, and expressed happiness over her release.

She said she contemplated rolling on the floor to record a video.

“God has been good to me. I went through a lot,” she said.

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