Covid-19: Lead Rural Africa Reaches Out to Vulnerable Persons in Cross River State_Ada Nkong

Lead Rural Africa in its resolve to compliment Government’s effort in reaching out to the poor and vulnerable on 17th May, 2020, organized a rural outreach for the people in Ayughasa, Nsak, Ejirawor, and Nta-Nselle Communities in Ikom Local Government Area of Cross River State .This is the second such outreach in the wake of the pandemic.
The MD ,Dr Mandus Akonjom who spoke after the oureach called on individuals with means to extend help to the vulnerable in our midst as ” nothing is too small to give.
” During the outreach, we delivered palliatives such as bags of rice and antiseptic soap. The recipients of these palliatives were drawn from our Local Social Register which comprises of senior citizens (70 years – above), physically challenged, people with underlying health conditions, single mothers, extremely poor and vulnerable persons living in these communities”.

LEAD Rural Africa communicated the message of the COVID-19 pandemic in the local dialect, taught the people how to wash their hands effectively and the essence of social distancing was emphasized”.
He described the challenges encountered in reaching out to these people in the rural areas.

“The challenges encountered during the outreach was how to reach people in these communities especially because of the inaccessible/non-existent roads into the interior parts. Our volunteers had to carry the palliatives by hand to be distributed. The condition of the people there was also disheartening especially because some people have not had a decent meal in days while suffering from debilitating health conditions without medical attention. Due to the fact that this was a targeted outreach, other people who were not captured under our local social register also expressed the need for palliatives to ameliorate the economic hardship they are experiencing”.

Dr Mandus expressed appreciation to those who supported the outreach and reiterated Lead Rurals commitment to putting a smile on the face of the less privileged.
” It is needless to say that this outreach has strengthened our resolve not to ask what Nigeria has done for us but to ask ourselves what we can do for Nigeria”.

“We want to thank our Trustees for their generous gift to make this outreach possible. We also thank our supporters and volunteers for their dedication and commitment to this vision. May your compassion never run dry and may you receive a hundred fold blessing for all you do”.

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