Borno State Lifts Lockdown_Ada Nkong

S lockdown declared in Borno state has been suspended indefinitely.
The state government has also relaxed the ban on religious gatherings, but called for strict guidelines on maintaining physical distancing in mosques and churches.
Meanwhile, the ban on Eid prayers are still in force.
Umar Kadafur, deputy governor and chairman of the state COVID-19 response committee, made this known in a statement.
According to him, the “stringent measures” taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus “yielded the desired results”, as the state had recorded “significant progress” in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
He, however, noted that if the COVID-19 situation escalates, the government would revert to “status quo”.
“Henceforth, Jumma’at prayers and five daily prayers shall be observed in all mosques as recommended by the Borno State Council of Ulamas in strict adherence with social distancing and the use of face masks,” the statement read.
“All churches shall conduct church services as recommended by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Borno Chapter in strict adherence with social distancing and use of face masks.
“Government has considered the recommendation of the Borno State Council of Ulamas which clearly states that Eid prayers is Sunnah (non obligatory), hence there should be no Eid prayers. Faithfuls should remain at home during the period.”
The government also placed restrictions on public gatherings, especially funeral processions, weddings, naming ceremonies, among others, which it limited to not more than 20 people.

Source: The cable

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