CCECC Collaborates, Delivers This Day Dome as Standard Isolation Center_Ada Nkong

The first Isolation Center in Abuja, with the capacity of 217 beds, including 4 sets of ICU beds and 213 sets of normal beds has been completed.
The project which was handled by the China Civil Engineering and Construction Company Nigeria Limited (CCECC), together with Sahara Energy Group and other companies, has been handover to the Covid-19 pandemic Presidential Task force on on 12th May, 2020.

According to a statement received from the CCECC, upon receiving the request from Presidential Task Force (PTF), on 29th March 2020, CCECC immediately mobilized to site a team comprising of experienced designers, engineers and workers and commenced site work within the shortest time.

“Despite the difficulties caused by the lockdown in Abuja, CCECC managed to procure the necessary construction materials and PPE from local markets, meeting the demand of site construction and our workers”.
“Eventually it took only 14 days for us to complete both internal and external works including ground reconstruction, partition welding, entrance passages, toilets, disinfection rooms, water supply tank, septic tank, disinfection tank etc. The above works have received favorable responses from the Presidential Task Force on Covid 19 as well as other government officials”.

CCECC noted that in line with its corporate value, “Stride with Nigeria” and responding to the request made by the Nigerian Government, CCECC also participated in the construction of another one at IDU area. The IDU Isolation Center is designed to have a capacity of 300 beds and will be ready for operation soon.

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