Uneased Lockdown in the FCT_Ada Nkong

I may not be Joseph but I sure have a knack for dreams that come true. It is therefore logical that when I got into the car this morning to drive to work, I knew it would not be bread and butter.

I hit the express to get fuel, the gas station wasn’t selling. A quick brain storm session with my son who by the way is my editor and my other colleague in the car with us, saw us divert into a back road that was not good news for my new tyres.

We got to the first intersection and yes, there was traffic build up. A quick check showed that it was a trailer turning. I decided we could wait it out instead of turning back to the express.

In about 15 minutes, it cleared and then our nightmarish drive began.

Just close to the gas station on the back road, we saw a standstill. That saw us divert again towards the express. Thankfully, we filled our thank but made a detour when we saw the gridlock waiting for us on the express.

Up ahead, cars were turning into a tiny side street. We followed suit and voilà, we had signed up for a bumpy roller coaster ride. Ever head about the valley of the shadow of death? It must look something like the route we had to pass. I would look at the gullies by the side and ask God to help us get by not knowing worst ones lay ahead.

Throw in a few highs and lows, some blocked streets with youths manning toll gates and we found yourself close to the end of our nightmare.

Emerging finally on the express and driving a few meters, there was another hold up a approaching the checkpoint leading into the FCT.

30 minutes later, we had eased our way through a and were coasting into town.

This qualifies as my toughest drive into the FCT and I have been driving on that road for long enough to have seen some bad days.

Tge trauma people have passed through this morning makes mockery of the term eased lockdown.

If the Idea was to discourage entry into town, they succeeded. I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow at all

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