NCDC Stop Mounting Pressure on Cross River State-Sococovid _Raphael Bichene

The Society Committee against Covid-19, Sococovid , a coalition of civil societies aimed at complimenting government efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Nigeria , has expressed concern over the insistence of the NCDC to carry out testing for the covid -19 virus in Cross River State.
The National coordinator, Keneth Ibe-Kalu made this known during the maiden situation report briefing of Sococovid in Abuja.
Mr Ibe-Kalu said that Nigerians are aware that two states in Nigeria which have not recorded any cases are Kogi and Cross River state and as such there is no urgency in deploying staff to carry out testing in those states.
” The Nigerian government and its health System are struggling and begging other nations for medical supplies such as ventilators, testing kits, PPE and so on and yet instead of deploying the few testing kits available to worst hit state the NCDC is allegedly forcing itself on a state like cross river state which is yet to record any case of coronavirus”.
He advised that Kano state which has become a source of concern and needs more testing centers should be supplied with more testing kits.
Ibe-Kalu chronicled the efforts of the Cross River government so far in keeping the virus out if the state.
” It is on record that Governor Ayade and his gregarious team have done so well in the prevention of corona virus in the state, for example,the state leadership took proactive steps by enacting no mask no movement policy,established face mask and other materials production centre ,closed down air sea and land borders, established health surveillance team at the border areas. His Excellency, Governor Ben Ayade was seen spending a night at itu bridge bakassi itang and ogoja to enforce proper border enforcement”.
The National coordinator urged NCDC to supply Cross River state government with more testing kit or accept to be quarantined if they insist in wasting time in Cross River.
Sococovid also advised tge NCDC to stop the pressure on Cross River state and concentrate on Kano state .
They called on the media to join this patriotic struggle by informing Nigerians the real situation and not propaganda as every one knows the fact that the corona virus has no barrier and all hands most be on deck to concile Coronavirus to the dustbin of history.

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