Quarantine Diaries 14

Quarantine #Diaries #Reloaded

(Mr. Kim and Madam Akorkor both paid their fines and bought the itema for the rituals).

(The rituals were performed on behalf of both parties).

(Mr. Kim then met Madam Akorkor to discuss and agree on something).

Mr. Kim: what do u think we should do about what our children have done? I’ve been trying to figure something out but my pillow can’t carry what I have on my head.

Madam Akorkor: I’ve been confused as well, I haven’t been able to talk to my in-law all this while.

Mr. Kim: I think we should both meet their spouses and tell them the whole truth and hear their opinions because we can’t predict what is happening in their homes now. They are all traumatized at the moment. This is the time to show our parenting abilities.

Madam Akorkor: That’s no t a bad idea anyway, just hope it turns out positive. I wish we could go there during this lockdown.

Mr. Kim: Well, since they can find their way here, let’s find a day and call them over.

Madam Akorkor: What has your wife said about this whole thing.

Mr. Kim: she tried confusing the whole scenario at a point in time, so I told her to step out, and leave it to me.

Madam Akorkor : Well, when do u intend calling them over then?

Mr. Kim: I am always available. What about you?

Madam Akorkor : I’ll be available anytime, my son’s home matters to me.

Mr. Kim: Since they are experiencing the lock down, I’ll enquire from them when they can find their way here, so we can meet.

Madam. Akorkor : Alright then, see u.

(Mr. Kim then scheduled to meet both couples in his house).

(Bill suspected something like that, so he called Mina and informed her about it).
(To Mina’s surprise, Bill made mention of Louis’s father).
(Mina had always know Louis to be fatherless).
(She did show any sign on the call anyway).

(She asked Louis later that evening where his father was and Louis was tempted to voice out everything. But after taking a deep breath, he said;, it’s the reason why my mum wants to meet us. calm down and be patient, everything will be alright OK).

Mina: Hmmmm, I’ve heard you.

(Two days later, both couples met in Mr. Kim’s house).

(They had a very long conversations, Bill wasn’t so shocked upon hearing the rest of the story he never knew of).

(To Mina, everything was like a movie show. She taught it was dream, she was in dismay, she couldn’t hold herself but burst into cry).

(Bill played the man role by trying to accommodate whatever was going on and helped to calm Mina down).

(After the conversations, no secrets were left and both innocent spouses(Bill and Mina) were asked by Mr. Kim to say what they got and what they ought to do).

Bill: I am very shocked at everything that happened, but the other side where Louis and Bella ain’t aware of is another worry to me. All the same, I promised to build one home and keep it till the end, but I’ll need some time to say my final words.

Mina: Dad, I don’t have anything to say. But knowing Louis, I know very well that if he knew he had a child who’s whereabouts he was aware of, it wouldn’t have been hidden to me. But what I’m finding difficult to forgive him is what he did with Bella without my notice. I found in his wardrobe a visa that was meant for the two to go spend holidays in South Africa. Bill here, has Louis’s Voter’s 🆔 card with him. I am very aware of all that they have been doing. But I can’t loose my husband for anyone. I love Louis and I want us to maintain our home. The boy should be brought to me, I’ll take care of him, the unborn one should come, I’ll take them all. I love my husband and can’t let him go.

Mr. Kim: Well, Mina u have been my worry all this while, but u have relieved me from trauma a little. U are a lady, so I was contemplating on how under going to take this whole scenario, I’m very happy u made a decision to keep your home. Let’s give Bill sometime to tell us his mind, probably some days.

(They all agreed as such and the meeting ended).

(Days after, Bella woke Bill from sleep, so depressed and worried. She apologized for everything and confessed she didn’t live him from the onset, but for how he has stayed around her upon all she has done, she is not going to loose him for any man). (She pleaded with Bill to pardon her, so they restore happiness at home).

(Bill told her to sleep, so they could talk in the morning).
(In the morning, Bill woke and prepared breakfast in bed for Bella. She was shocked).

Bella: Bill, it’s been decades u treated me this way.

Bill : I miss these moments too my dear, I’ve let go of everything. I don’t mind taking care of that child, when it comes. Let’s maintain our home and make sure we don’t commit same mistakes anymore.

(Bella smiles as tears roll down her cheeks. She grabbed Bill and they kissed for some minutes).
(They sat to take their breakfast like newly married couples in joy and happiness).

(Mina and Louis also reconciled at home and they were perfectly cool).

(Bill called Mr. Kim that evening and told him to worry no more for he has solved everything with his wife and they are happily living fine).
(The news got to Madam Akorkor and she was overwhelmed with joy).

(Mr. Kim then called both sides on phone and advised them as a father).

(Both couples became friends and planned a get together dinner to take effect after the lockdown).


There are three major lessons in the story above

  1. Tolerance
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Love.

*We need the above in our daily lives to overcome complicated issues that baffles our minds.

StaySafe and #StayHome. #ProtectYourself from COVID-19🙏🌝

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