Quarantine Diaries 11

#Quarantine #Diaries #Reloaded


(Few days later, Louis and Bella were both called by their parents to see to the issue).

(Akorkor did introduction between Mr Kim and Louis and both father and son hugged sobbing….)

(Their conversation when they met).

Mr. Kim: Let me begin from Louis, how did u meet Bella?

(Louis narrated exactly what he told his mum).

Mr. Kim: So u both have a child before and we all don’t know about? Where is the child?

Bella : He is in the boarding school, but for the lockdown, he stays with my friend bcoz She is barren.

Louis: Where??

Bella: Sunyani.

Mr. Kim: This whole issue is complicated.

(Bella begins crying uncontrollably).

(They all tried to verify why she was crying).

Bella: (In tears) I am pregnant for Louis again and I’m not ready to cause an abortion. 😭

(Mr. Kim and Akorkor both screamed in shock.
They both bow their heads, the whole place became silent for a while).

(Mr.Kim then asked Bella why she never made mention of it till she got married).

Bella: Dad, I didn’t marry Bill because I loved him, it’s because he is caring and no quick tempered. I married him because for the past two years I wasn’t hearing from the man I love and I was aging. When I was in Australia for my masters, I undertook a surgery, so my body didn’t look as though I had a child. It was because of the pregnancy I didn’t come home after my national Service and proceeded to Australia to do my masters.
I still can’t believe Louis is my biological brother. I’m so ashamed of myself.

Mr. Kim: This whole issue has exceeded my imagination. I don’t believe my family is in this mess. You both need total cleansen and the innocent child needs to undergo the ritual as well, else he won’t find it easy in life. This is one of the worst things that has ever happened to my clan and I’m shocked it is coming from my home. This is a bad history for my grand children to talk about tomorrow. Hence forth I want this to remain among the four of us. No one in the family should gear about this. I mean about the child and the one yet to be born.
For the affair u had, we can’t hide it because the ritual will expose you.

Akorkor: How are we going to inform their spouses? How is my in-law going to feel? I know that Mina loves my son down to earth.

Mr. Kim: As I said, this should remain among us. Talking about your spouses, since u both are my children, I will handle that, I know when and how to talk to them. I just hope non of them have informed their families yet, because it’s a disgrace that another family should not know about.

(Bella and Louis both said they can’t tell whether their spouses have informed their families or not).

(The meeting ended. Both parties go back to their homes).

(To Bella’s surprise, Bill was informed of everything about Louis and how he is related to Bella).

(Who told Bill? No one knows).

(Bill was then concerned about the pregnancy and who was responsible for it).

(Bella never spoke a word to Bill).

(Mina and Louis were still finding ways to organize their home, but Louis was in total confusion. Should he tell Mina the truth about the child he has outside the marriage and the unborn one as well? Or he should assume there’s nothing like that and wait for what will happen? He didn’t know what to do?)

(Bill at this stage had no option than to inform his dad about what has happened. His dad told him to calm and arrange a meeting with his wife, including the father himself which he did).

(Interesting enough, the only thing Bill wasn’t aware of was the first child his wife had for Louis).

(After the meeting with Bill’s dad, he left the final decision in the hands of Bill to take).
(Bill loves Bella so much and he is supposed to choose between love and the situation at hand).

(Louis kept mute about whatever he had in mind, awaiting what will come from his father’s camp).

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