History is Made as Royal Navy Officer Goes Solo on Parade After Self Isolation_Ada Nkong

A Naval Officer has made history at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) in Dartmouth after he missed his passing-out ceremony due to self-isolating.

Sub Lieutenant (SLt) Matthew Poxon was given a separate parade where he passed out completely on his own – something which has never happened at BRNC.

The ceremony marks the completion of training and is the biggest military parade outside the Trooping of the Colour.

The rest of SLt Poxon’s entry had their passing-out-parade at the 157-year-old college on 2 April 2020. Due to current restrictions under lockdown, families and friends were not invited.

The 29-year-old said he was initially ‘disappointed’ not to be with the rest of his entry, but was ‘incredibly grateful’ to be given his own parade.

I was in self-isolation when the rest of my entry passed out. I was disappointed not to be taking part in the parade, but I could at least hear it from my room.

When Capt Readwin approached me with the idea of a solo parade, I was incredibly grateful. It was quite daunting marching out onto the parade ground by myself, with the rest of the Cadets and staff watching from the ramps. At least I couldn’t be out of step with the rest of my division.

Apparently the First Sea Lord is aware of the story and said that I must buy all my entry a drink for having my picture published, I’ll certainly do that next time I see them. He also said that he would buy me a drink if he ever gets the chance and I’d be happy to buy him one in return.

In his unique parade, the 29-year-old was inspected by the Commanding Officer of BRNC, Captain Roger Readwin Royal Navy.

Keeping with tradition, he then marched up the steps from the parade ground and through the main college door.
SLt Poxon joined the Royal Navy originally as a Rating – ranked below a Petty Officer – in 2010.

He reached the rank of Petty Officer before being selected for promotion to the Officer Corps, and has served on the Type 45 destroyers, HMS Dauntless and HMS Diamond.

Source: itv News

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