Chief Modey Urges Christians to Observe Guidelines For Covid-19 as They Celebrate Easter_Ada Nkong

Christians have been urged to celebrate the resurrection of Christ in their homes in obedience to the government’s stay at home directive.
Chief Captain Hart Modey made the call in an Easter message to Christians.
“Dear friends,family members,all Christians and Muslims across the world as we celebrate the death and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ, i admonish us all to have a deeper reflection over our services to God and humanity”.

“Jesus Christ death and resurrection was the fulfillment of the scripture and prophecy as he subdue death and resurrected so shall we overcome this covid 19 pandemic outbreak and all trouble of lives”.

” Easter celebration gives hope to all Christians faithful across the world and this hope was made possible to us by the risen lord, Alleluia! Alleluia!! Alleluia!!! as Christ has restored our hopeless situation,open womb of the barrens,peace to families, healing to the sick,liberation of those in captivity, forgiveness of our sins,light to those in darkness good news to pagans and unbelievers”.

“According to the scripture in 1st Peter 1:3 as it reads: “Praise be the God and father of our lord Jesus Christ in his great mercy,he has given new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead”

Chief Modey stressed the need to adhere to the guidelines for curbing the spread of the Coronavirus.
“Let’s use the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ to sit at home,stay safe, wear face mask,wash our hands always and observe Social distancing to curb this deadly pandemic outbreak ravaging the world and human existence.

Chief Capt Hart Modey ended the message by wishing all a happy Easter.

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